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# Amsterdam Sounds Serval
Sound recordings used for training the Serval sound classification sensor.
**this library contains:**
* (A) moped/scooter alarms
* (B) mopeds/scooters
* (C) horns
* (K) shutting car doors
* (M) noisy people
* (O) motor bikes
* (T) terrace sounds
* (V) amplified music
A collection of labeled sound recordings from Amsterdam, to be used to train a classification model.
These recordings were used to train the Serval sound classification sensor.
**this library contains (EN/NL):**
* (A) moped/scooter alarms / brommer-alarms (23 recordings)
* (B) mopeds/scooters / brommers (812 recordings)
* (C) horns / claxons (133 recordings)
* (K) shutting car doors / dichtklappende autodeuren (164 recordings)
* (M) noisy people / luide mensen, schreeuwen (634 recordings)
* (O) motor bikes / motoren (52 recordings)
* (T) terrace sounds / terrasgelduien (536 recordings)
* (V) amplified music / versterkte muziek (34 recordings)
## License
This Amsterdam Sounds Serval collection is made available under the Open Database License: [LICENSE](/LICENSE). Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License:
For a human-readable summary of the ODbL 1.0 license see: [](
## project Amsterdam Sounds
Amsterdam Sounds is a platform for measuring noise pollution in Amsterdam. See the project website: [](
Amsterdam Sounds is a cooperation of and made possible by:
* [Gemeente Amsterdam]
* [Ombudsman Metropool Amsterdam](
* [IoT Sensemakers AMS](
* [Sensing Clues](
* [Waag | technology & society](
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