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add default EN texts

parent 0b60c26a
......@@ -19,9 +19,28 @@ export const textsNL = {
timeSelectionHint: "↖ tijdselectie",
chartHeaderAddition: "(uurwaarden)",
downloadCsv: "download csv",
downloadInfo: "",
dataStreams: {
mean: "gemiddelde",
minmax: "min-max waarde",
downloadInfo: ""
export const textsEN = {
pilotLocations: "Pilot locations",
loading: "Loading...",
loadingError: "Loading failed...",
loadingRetry: "Retry",
nodata: "No data...",
lastMean: "last measurement",
lastPeak: "peak value last hour",
lastHour: "last hour",
hoursAgo: "hours ago",
hour: "",
hourShort: "h",
mean: "mean",
peak: "peak value",
downloadData: "download data",
startDate: "start date",
endDate: "end date",
timeSelectionHint: "↖ time selection",
chartHeaderAddition: "(hourly values)",
downloadCsv: "download csv",
downloadInfo: "",
\ No newline at end of file
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