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This file contains changelog entries that are not contained in the main readme.txt file (that file contains the newest entries).
= 1.12.35 - 03/Mar/2017 =
* FIX: Fix an issue causing corruption of interrupted Dropbox backups. All Dropbox users are recommended to update asap.
* TWEAK: Fix a regression that prevented information about a faulty WP scheduler from being shown in recent releases (incomplete fix in 1.12.34)
* TWEAK: submit_button() needs to be available (possible UpdraftCentral fatal when requesting filesystem creds)
* TWEAK: Remove an ES5 JavaScript construct (incompatible with some old browsers)
* TWEAK: Fix incorrect variable name in routine that triggered WP automatic update check
* TWEAK: Fix a logic error whereby if Google Drive and Google Cloud were both in use and partially set up, a notice about completing the setup of Cloud could fail to show
= 1.12.34 - 23/Feb/2017 =
* FEATURE: Added the ability to allow other plugins to call an automatic backup more easily
* FEATURE: Added the ability to select which tables you want to backup when using the 'Backup now' modal (Premium)
* FIX: Re-scanning a Dropbox that contained more than 1000 backup archives only fetched the first 1000 (this was previously awaiting on Dropbox fixing a related bug on their API servers).
* FIX: Escape table names to allow table names with hyphens in, when reading data
* FIX: The "Advanced Tools" tab was appearing with no contents if you chose an unwritable backup directory (regression)
* TRANSLATIONS: Remove bundled Swedish (sv), Spanish (Spain) (es_ES) and Czeck (Čeština, cs_CZ) translations, since these are now retrieved from
* TWEAK: Prevent a JavaScript message being logged when loading UD infrastructure on non-UD settings pages (e.g. plugins that integrate to do backups via UD)
* TWEAK: Make it easier for other plugins to get/set UpdraftPlus options with less code
* TWEAK: Make sure that the get_plugins() function is available before using it when generating notices
* TWEAK: Add the updraftplus_exclude_directory and updraftplus_exclude_file filters allowing arbitrary backup exclusions from code
* TWEAK: Add a work-around for a bug in some server/Firefox combinations in handling of the Content-Length header with non-ASCII characters
* TWEAK: Cause an informational message to be shown in the Rackspace module if php-json is not enabled
* TWEAK: Fix a regression that prevented information about a faulty WP scheduler from being shown in recent releases
* TWEAK: Made alert regarding plupload's 'HTTP -200' error, when upload of file fails, more informative.
* TWEAK: Internal changes to the remote storage method API (future improvements which build on these are planned)
= 1.12.32 - 26/Jan/2017 =
* FEATURE: Add UpdraftCentral ( UpdraftVault listener
* FEATURE: Encryption and decryption is now chunked, meaning that large databases of any size can be encrypted without being prevented by memory limits
* FIX: Fix a bug whereby if a backup set containing a manual "more files" element was imported via a remote scan, then an error would show concerning it when attempting to restore.
* FIX: On certain combinations of changing the "more files to backup" settings, these changes might not be reflected in the "Backup Now" dialog without a page reload
* FIX: Remove a PHP 5.5+-only construction that crept into 1.12.31
* TWEAK: Allow UpdraftCentral command classes to provide commands via the __call method
* TWEAK: Move the existing backups table into the templating system
* TWEAK: When trying to restore before cleaning up a previous restore, the detailed error message shown needed tweaking
* TWEAK: Some refactoring of the dashboard JavaScript, to abstract/harmonise all AJAX calls
* TWEAK: Removed the triple click and replaced it with standard double click
* TWEAK: Some refactoring of the UpdraftCentral command interface, to facilitate reduction of duplicated dashboard control code
* TWEAK: One less HTTP round-trip when deleting from the dashboard
* TWEAK: Updated advanced tools to allow UpdraftCentral to use wipe settings and export / import
* TWEAK: Revamped the 'Premium / Extensions' tab in the free version
* TWEAK: Work around HTTP 400 error from Dropbox on servers with several-year old version of curl, caused by bad interaction between curl and Dropbox over a specific header
* TWEAK: Add a notice advising of WP-Optimize ( to the available notices
* TWEAK: Prevent an unwanted PHP log notice when using Google Drive
* TWEAK: More file directories are now added using a directory browser
* TWEAK: Update plugin update checker library (paid versions) to version 3.1, which fixes some PHP 7 issues
= 1.12.30 - 23/Dec/2016 =
* FIX: Fix a Dropbox APIv2 issue where paths containing certain characters were incorrectly being encoded
* FEATURE: Add UpdraftCentral ( comment-control and advanced tools listeners
* TWEAK: Starting an operation to retrieve a remote backup from UpdraftCentral succeeded, but gave a UI error in UC when doing so
* TWEAK: Fix a Dropbox APIv2 issue where Team storage displayed an incorrect value
* TWEAK: Support for the new AWS S3 Canada Central 1 and London regions
* TWEAK: Some re-factoring of the settings page output code for easier maintenance
* TWEAK: Some re-factoring of the notices code, to allow re-use in other projects
* TWEAK: Make sure that a UpdraftCentral_Commands class is available before loading any external command classes, so that they can rely on its presence
= 1.12.29 - 22/Nov/2016 =
* FIX: Fix a PHP error in the notices code (regression in 1.12.28)
* FIX: Manual database search and replace now outputs logged operation information (regression in 1.12.28)
= 1.12.28 - 21/Nov/2016 =
* TWEAK: The UPDRAFTPLUS_DROPBOX_API_V1 constant will be ignored from 28th June 2017 (when Dropbox turn off that API entirely)
* TWEAK: A new internal infrastructure for handling user-visible notices in the dashboard and reports
* TWEAK: Small layout tweak to fix a malformatted error message
= 1.12.27 - 17/Nov/2016 =
* FIX: The WP 4.7 compatibility tweak in 1.12.26 introduced a regression that caused the question to appear when unwanted on other WP versions.
= 1.12.26 - 16/Nov/2016 =
* COMPATIBILITY: On WordPress 4.7, the behaviour of shiny updates has changed, necessitating a small tweak to prevent an unwanted "do you really want to move away from this page?" question from the browser on the updates/plugins pages in some situations.
* TWEAK: When the Dropbox quota state seems to imply that the next upload will fail, do not register this as an error before it actually happens.
* TWEAK: When an error occurs when re-scanning Dropbox, make sure the error details are logged in the browser developer console
* FIX: Fix ability to rescan a Dropbox sub-folder (regression in 1.12.25)
= 1.12.25 - 12/Nov/2016 =
* COMPATIBILITY: Dropbox APIv2 capability (see: in 1.12.24 was not complete - this release now avoids all APIv1 use
* TWEAK: The 'site information' advanced tool now contains information on loaded Apache modules.
* TWEAK: Small layout tweak to fix a malformatted error message
= 1.12.24 - 08/Nov/2016 =
* FIX: When importing a single site into a multisite install as a new site (experimental feature), the main multisite URL was being incorrectly adjusted
* FIX: Fix a bug with remote scans not returning more database archives correctly
* COMPATIBILITY: Add Dropbox APIv2 capability (see:
* FEATURE: Look for mysqldump.exe in likely locations on Windows, for faster database backups
* TWEAK: UpdraftVault, Amazon S3 and DreamObjects downloaders have been rewritten without race conditions
* TWEAK: Introduce an abstraction layer for reporting on the status of restore operations
* TWEAK: Deleting remote backup sets from the dashboard is now batched for sets with many archives, to avoid potential PHP timeouts on slow remote services
* TWEAK: Updated bundled phpseclib library to version 1.0.4
* TWEAK: Introduce an internal templating layer, for improved long-term maintainability
* TWEAK: When importing a single site into a multisite install as a new site, remove any cron entries for backup runs on the new site
* TWEAK: Fix an inconsequential off-by-one in the chunked downloading algorithm so that the behaviour is as documented
* TWEAK: Improve accessibility of Labelauty components with keyboard navigation
* TWEAK: Tweak the algorithm for scheduling resumptions, to improve efficiency in the (once) seen corner-case of PHP usually having a predictable run-time, but with an instance of a much longer run-time
* TWEAK: Slightly more logging when an S3 error condition occurs, allowing easier diagnosis
* TWEAK: Add support for the new US East (Ohio) region to S3
* TWEAK: OneDrive authentication can now detect a block by CloudFlare, and direct the user accordingly
* TWEAK: If there are remote storage methods needing authentication, then pop up a box showing this to the user - so that it does not rely on them spotting the dashboard notice or having read the instructions
= 1.12.23 - 04/Oct/2016 =
* FIX: Fix a bug in URL replacement when cloning from a flat configuration to a WP-in-own-directory configuration
* FIX: The button for testing connections to extra databases added to the backup was not working
* FIX: Direct dashboard logins from UpdraftCentral were not working on WP 3.2 - 3.4 sites
* COMPATIBILITY: Will upgrade Dropbox OAuthv1 tokens to OAuthv2 (to handle Dropbox API v1 deprecation in summer 2017)
* TWEAK: Deleting an already-deleted backup set from UpdraftCentral now produces a more informative error message
* TWEAK: When restoring only a single site out of a multisite install, store less data in memory on irrelevant tables, and do less logging when skipping tables
* TWEAK: Update bundled UDRPC library to version 1.4.9 - fixes a bug with the admin URL used for contact via UpdraftCentral on multisite
* TWEAK: Explicitly store the UpdraftPlus object as a global
* TWEAK: Prevent a pointless "unsaved settings" warning if settings were changed then the 'wipe' button used
* TWEAK: When using the Importer add-on, allow backups from WordPress Backup to Dropbox to be wrapped in an extra 'wpb2d' folder
* TWEAK: Strengthen protections against resuming an already-complete backup after migration on servers with misbehaving WP schedulers
* TWEAK: Touch already-existing but incomplete files being downloaded, to reduce possibility of two processes downloading at once
* TWEAK: Add a link to more information about UpdraftCentral in the advanced tool
* TWEAK: The UPDRAFTPLUS_MYSQLDUMP_EXECUTABLE define can now be used on Windows (you will need to define a path to take advantage of it)
* TWEAK: Introduce the UPDRAFTPLUS_SKIP_CPANEL_QUOTA_CHECK constant to allow skipping of trying to check cPanel quota
= 1.12.21 - 08/Sep/2016 =
* FIX: Fix a bug in the updater code that caused updates checks to be run more often than intended
* TWEAK: Improve/tidy layout of the "Advanced Tools" tab
* TWEAK: Make it more obvious in the file uploading widget when an upload is 100% complete
* TWEAK: Prevent spurious OneDrive message being shown when re-scanning remote storage and not using OneDrive
* TWEAK: OneDrive storage now uses the refresh token yes frequently (less HTTP calls)
= 1.12.20 - 29/Aug/2016 =
* FEATURE: OpenStack uploads (including Rackspace Cloudfiles) can now adapt their upload rate to network conditions, leading to much faster uploads on many networks
* FEATURE: Updated the OneDrive configuration to make it easier to setup. A custom Microsoft Developer App is no longer required
* FEATURE: The "Advanced Tools" tab now has tools for importing and exporting settings
* TWEAK: Honour the "do not verify SSL certificates" setting with WebDAV storage on PHP 5.6+
* TWEAK: When there's a connection problem to when claiming licences, provide more error info and guidance
* TWEAK: In particular circumstances (malfunctioning WP scheduler, expert option to keep backups after despatching remotely selected (non-default)), zips could be sent to Google Drive more than once
* TWEAK: Tweak issue in 1.12.18 with automatic backup pop-up appearing under another pop-up if you update themes via the themes pop-up (instead of the direct link)
* TWEAK: When rescanning remote storage, don't log a potentially confusing message for an unconfigured storage module
* TWEAK: Show a visual indicator and advice if an invalid hostname is entered for WebDAV
* TWEAK: Removed the no-longer-useful debug backup buttons
* TWEAK: Add a message when generating a key on a server without php-openssl, with information about how to make it faster
* TWEAK: Prevent PHP installs which print PHP logging information to the browser from messing up the WebDAV settings in some situations
* TWEAK: If PHP reports the current memory limit as a non-positive integer, do not display any message to the user about a low memory limit
* TWEAK: If the user deletes their Google API project, then show clearer information on what to do when a backup fails
* TWEAK: If you changed your OneDrive client ID, UD will now more clearly advise you of the need to re-authenticate
* COMPATABILITY: Updated the OneDrive authentication procedure to make it compatible with the new Microsoft Developer Apps
= 1.12.18 - 03/Aug/2016 =
* TWEAK: When Microsoft OneDrive quota is insufficient, the advisory message from UD now includes the available quota (as well as the used)
* FEATURE: The Azure add-on/Premium now supports new-style Azure storage, as well as classic
* FEATURE: The Rackspace enhanced wizard can now be accessed via UpdraftCentral
* TWEAK: Fix a regression in recent WP versions which caused remote keys to not always be retained after a migration
* TWEAK: When logging Azure upload locations, include the account name
* TWEAK: Make the entering of settings for WebDAV more user-friendly
* TWEAK: Update bundled select2 to version 4.0.3
* TWEAK: Clarify error message when a 'more files' location is not found
* TWEAK: Add redirection_404 to the list of tables likely to be large, and not needing search/replacing
* COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with WP 4.6 (previous paid versions have incompatibilities with the changes made to 'shiny updates/installs/deletes' in WP 4.6)
= 1.12.17 - 19/Jul/2016 =
* FIX: Previous free release included empty translation files
* TWEAK: Add 'snapshots' to the default list of directories to exclude from the uploads backup (is used by another backup plugin - avoid backups-of-backups)
* TWEAK: Add et_bloom_stats to the list of tables likely to be large, and not needing search/replacing
= 1.12.16 - 07/Jul/2016 =
* TWEAK: Log FTP progress upload less often (slight resource usage improvement)
* TWEAK: For multi-archive backup sets, the HTML title attribute of download buttons had unnecessary duplicated information
* TWEAK: Improve OneDrive performance by cacheing directory listings
* TWEAK: Detect and handle a case in which OneDrive incorrectly reports a file as incompletely uploaded
* FIX: OneDrive scanning of large directories for existing backup sets was only detecting the first 200 files
= 1.12.15 - 06/Jul/2016 =
* TWEAK: S3 now supports the new Mumbai region
* TWEAK: If the user enters an AWS/S3 access key that looks prima facie invalid, then mention this in the error output
* TWEAK: Make the message that the user is shown in the case of no network connectivity to when connecting for updates (paid versions) clearer
* TWEAK: Extend cacheing of enumeration of uploads that was introduced in 1.11.1 to other data in wp-content also
* TWEAK: Avoid fatal error in Migrator if running via WP-CLI with the USER environment variable unset
* TWEAK: When DB_CHARSET is defined but empty, treat it the same as if undefined
* TWEAK: Add updraftplus_remotesend_udrpc_object_obtained action hook, allowing customisation of HTTP transport options for remote sending
* TWEAK: Introduced new UPDRAFTPLUS_RESTORE_ALL_SETTINGS constant to assist in complicated load-balancing setups with duplicate install on the same URL
* TWEAK: Update bundled tripleclick script to fix bug in teardown handler
* TWEAK: Update bundled UDRPC library to version 1.4.8
* TWEAK: Patch Labelauty to be friendly to screen-readers
* TWEAK: Suppress the UD updates check on paid versions that immediately follows a WP automatic core security update
* TWEAK: Handle missing UpdraftCentral command classes more elegantly
* FEATURE: Endpoint handlers for forthcoming updates and user mangement features in UpdraftCentral
* TRANSLATIONS: Remove bundled German (de_DE) translation, since this is now retrieved from
* FIX: Fix inaccurate reporting of the current Vault quota usage in the report email
* FIX: Fix logic errors in processing return codes when no direct MySQL/MySQLi connection was possible in restoring that could cause UpdraftPlus to wrongly conclude that restoring was not possible
= 1.12.13 - 07/Jun/2016 =
* TWEAK: Default the S3 secret key field type to 'password' instead of 'text'
* TWEAK: Do more checks for active output buffers prior to spooling files to the browser (to prevent memory overflows)
* TWEAK: Update bundled UDRPC library to version 1.4.7
= 1.12.12 - 25/May/2016 =
* FIX: When restoring a plugins backup on multisite, old plugins were inactivated but not always removed
* TWEAK: Use POST instead of GET for OneDrive token requests - some new accounts seem to have begun requiring this
* TWEAK: When backing up user-configured directories, don't log confusing/misleading messages for unzippable directory symlinks
* TRANSLATIONS: is now serving up translations for fr_FR, pt_PT and ro_RO, so these can/have been removed from the plugin zip (1.2Mb released)
= 1.12.11 - 19/May/2016 =
* FIX: 1.12.8 (paid versions only) contained a regression that prevented S3 access if the user had a custom policy that did not include location permission. This fix means that the work-around of adding that permission to the policy is no longer required.
* FIX: Fix a regression in 1.12.8 that prevented non-existent DreamObjects buckets from being created
* FIX: Fix inaccurate reporting of the current Vault quota usage in the report email since 1.12.8
* FIX: The short-lived 1.12.10 had a duplicate copy of the plugin in the release zip
* TWEAK: Detect a particular obscure PHP bug in some versions that is triggered by the Amazon S3 SDK, and automatically switch to the older SDK if it is hit (N.B. Not compatible with Frankfurt region).
* TWEAK: Audit/update all use of wp_remote_ functions to reflect API changes in the upcoming WP 4.6
* TWEAK: Tweak to the settings saving, to avoid a false-positive trigger of a particular rule found in some mod_security installs
* TWEAK: Update bundled UDRPC library to version 1.4.5
= 1.12.9 - 11/May/2016 =
* FIX: In yesterday's 1.12.8, some previously accessible Amazon S3 buckets could no longer be accessed
= 1.12.8 - 10/May/2016 =
* FEATURE: Support S3's "infrequent access" storage class (Premium)
* FIX: Fix bug in SFTP uploading algorithm that would corrupt archives if a resumption was necessary
* TWEAK: Add information on UpdraftVault quota to reporting emails
* TWEAK: Update the bundled AWS library to version 2.8.30
* TWEAK: Update the bundled Symfony library to version 2.8.5
* TWEAK: Update the bundled phpseclib library to version 1.0.2 (which includes a fix for SFTP on PHP 5.3)
* TWEAK: Improve the overlapping runs detection when writing out individual database tables, for helping servers with huge tables without mysqldump
* TWEAK: Prevent restoration from replacing the local record of keys of remote sites to send backups to (Migrator add-on)
* TWEAK: Re-order the classes in class-zip.php, to help misbehaving XCache (and perhaps other opcode cache) instances
* TWEAK: Do not include transient update availability data in the backup (which will be immediately out-of-date)
* TWEAK: Updated the URLs of various S3-compatible providers to use SSL, where available
* TWEAK: Added an endpoint drop-down for Dreamobjects, using their new/updated endpoint (currently only one choice, but they will have more in future)
* TWEAK: Suppress a log message from UpdraftVault when that message is not in use
* TWEAK: When key creation times out in the Migrator, display the error message in the UI
= 1.12.6 - 30/Apr/2016 =
* FIX: UpdraftVault quota usage was being shown incorrectly in recounts on sites connected to accounts backing up multiple sites
* TWEAK: In accordance with Barracuda's previous announcement, no longer exists -
* TWEAK: Allow particular log lines to be cancelled
* TWEAK: Explicitly set the separator when calling http_build_query(), to prevent problems with non-default configurations
* TWEAK: Tweak the algorithm for sending data to a remote UD installation to cope with eventually-consistent filesystems that are temporarily inconsistent
* TWEAK: Make the automatic backups advert prettier
* TWEAK: Detect and combine file and database backups running on different schedules which coincide
* TWEAK: Update bundled Select2 to version 4.0.2
* TWEAK: Update UDRPC library to version 1.4.3
* TWEAK: Update dashboard notices for 2017/18
= 1.12.5 - 08/Apr/2016 =
* TWEAK: (Paid versions) - tweak the updater class so that it sends the information that needs in order to correctly advise about language pack update availability. (If you are continuously seeing the same language pack update offered, then this may continue for a few more hours - please be patient!).
* TWEAK: Detect another case and deal with an HTTP 413 response when sending chunked data on a direct site-to-site migration
= 1.12.4 - 07/Apr/2016 =
* FEATURE: Faster uploads to Dropbox, via adapting to network conditions:
* FEATURE: (Paid versions) Plugin now no longer bundles all translations - instead, WP's mechanism for downloading single translations, as/when needed, is used (reduces on-disk size by 12MB=36%)).
* FIX: Deal with some database encryption phrases with special characters that were incorrectly processed
* FIX: Deal with an error in the advanced retention rules processing code, that could lead to keeping the wrong backup set
* FIX: Fix an unescaped string which could cause a JavaScript notice on the UD settings page in some non-English translations
* FIX: The minimum allowed value for the split size was not previously taking effect when saving settings
* TWEAK: When connection to an UpdraftCentral dashboard, allow use of the alternative connection method
* TWEAK: Suppress some known deprecation warnings on PHP 7
* TWEAK: Show OpenSSL/Mcrypt info in the log + debug info
* TWEAK: Detect a completed upload to Dropbox masked by a race event from the WP scheduler
* TWEAK: The drop-down in the 'Migrate' dialog will now update on a rescan without needing a page reload
* TWEAK: (Paid versions) Update bundled plugin updater class (Yahnis Elsts) to version 3.0
* TWEAK: Add woocommerce_sessions to the list of tables of transient data
* TWEAK: When saving settings, if invalid input is adjusted, this will be reflected back to the UI without a page load (not on all elements)
* TWEAK: When saving settings, the schedule was written twice on non-multisite installs
= 1.12.2 - 30/Mar/2016 =
* TWEAK: When testing Amazon S3 bucket accessibility, slightly improve one of the corner-case checks
* TWEAK: When creating an encryption key for direct Migration, or UpdraftCentral, allow the user to choose their key size (this helps with PHP installs lacking both OpenSSL and GMP, in which case key creation can be really slow)
* TWEAK: Detect another case and deal with an HTTP 413 response when sending chunked data on a direct site-to-site migration
= 1.12.1 - 24/Mar/2016 =
* TWEAK: Update the bundled remote communications library - needed for some UpdraftCentral users
= 1.12.0 - 23/Mar/2016 =
* FEATURE: Compatible with the forthcoming (very soon!) UpdraftCentral remote control panel
* COMPATIBILITY: Tested + supported on the upcoming WordPress 4.5
* FIX: On some setups, if no remote storage was configured (not recommended), then old backups were not being pruned
* FIX: Make FTP active mode (very rarely seen) work correctly again
* TWEAK: Added a hint to FTP users who appear to be firewalled on only the data channel when attempting to use encrypted FTP
* TWEAK: Improve detection of the WordPress scheduler duplicating periodic events when the server is overloaded
* TWEAK: Simplify main tab layout upon first use
* TWEAK: Add some previously unbundled licence files
* TWEAK: Prevent a couple of PHP notices being logged when running a manual search/replace
* TWEAK: Add a filter to allow more over-riding of pruning
= 1.11.29 - 27/Feb/2016 =
* FIX: When saving settings on multisite, some connections to remote storage could drop and need to be re-made
* FIX: Fix an inoperative button in the Clone dialog box
* FIX: Fix an error upon automatic backups (Premium) in 2.11.28
* TWEAK: Updated readme to reflect > 700,000 active sites
* TWEAK: When cloning a site and mod_rewrite is not available, give a warning pre-restore
* TWEAK: Options saving on multisite is now much more efficient (in terms of database requests required)
* TWEAK: Improve the scheduling algorithm in the case of hosts that allow very long runs times, and a network outage on the cloud storage
* TWEAK: When connecting to to claim a licence (paid versions), use the newer JSON-based protocol
* TWEAK: Many and various internal improvements to structure of the admin page HTML, CSS and JS
* TWEAK: The boxes for adding extra addresses for reporting, and extra DBs, now fade in
= 1.11.27 - 17/Feb/2016 =
* FEATURE: Automatic backups can take place before updates commissioned via WordPress.Com/JetPack remote site management (requires a not-yet-released version of JetPack - all current releases are insufficient, so please don't file reports about this yet)
* FIX: Fixed a further logic error in the advanced backup retention options, potentially relevant if you had more than one extra rule, affecting the oldest backups
* TWEAK: Resolve issue on some sites with in-dashboard downloads being interfered with by other site components
* TWEAK: Auto-backups now hook to a newly-added more suitable action, on WP 4.4+ (
* TWEAK: Make WebDAV library not use a language construct that's not supported by HHVM
* TWEAK: Change options in the "Backup Now" dialog as main settings are changed
* TWEAK: Show the file options in the "Backup Now" dialog if/when alerting the user that they've chosen inconsistent options
* TWEAK: When pruning old backups, save the history to the database at least every 10 seconds, to help with sites with slow network communications and short PHP timeouts
= 1.11.26 - 13/Feb/2016 =
* TWEAK: Prevent HTTP 500 download errors on some very large file/hosting setups
* TWEAK: A tiny number of users had a badly laid-out settings screen until they refreshed their browser cache. This release prevents that.
= 1.11.24 - 10/Feb/2016 =
* FIX: Fixed further logic errors in the advanced backup retention options, potentially relevant if you had more than one extra rule
* TWEAK: Saving of settings is now done over AJAX (i.e. without a page reload)
* TWEAK: In-dashboard downloads now process the HTTP Range: header, allowing resumption of failed downloads via the browser
* TWEAK: Tweak 'Existing Backups' table CSS, to allow more entities per row
* TWEAK: Warn users of Barracuda ending the service -
* TWEAK: Rename the 'hidden' CSS class, to prevent clashes with other plugins/themes which load their CSS code onto UD's page (which they shouldn't be doing)
* TWEAK: Fix newsletter sign-up link
* TWEAK: Log and triple-click summary now mentions the total size of the backup (i.e. total of the compressed backup set)
* TWEAK: Try to detect a very rare case of recoverable database read failure, and schedule a re-try
* TWEAK: Suppress unnecessary warning message when Dropbox account info checking fails
* TWEAK: Attempt to restart a large OneDrive upload in a particular case seen when OneDrive's end seems to get into confusion about state
* TWEAK: Various bits of internal re-factoring to support future improvements
= 1.11.23 - 26/Jan/2016 =
* FIX: When migrating a sub-folder based multisite into a non-root install with different relative path to the source multisite (I can't think of any good reasons to do this), the search/replace could leave sub-sites unreachable without manual correction
* FIX: Logic errors in the advanced backup retention options could lead to the oldest backups being deleted prematurely, and some backups not being deleted when they were overdue for deletion
* FIX: Amazon S3 bucket creation wizard (in the S3 enhanced add-on) was not honouring the chosen region for new buckets
* FIX: Upon restoration over an existing site, inactive plugins could remain post-restore (bug introduced in 1.11.20)
* TWEAK: Various internal re-organisations, to improve modularity/re-use of the code
* TWEAK: Internal CSS re-organisation to make future layout changes easier
* TWEAK: The "stop" link in the backup progress indicator now halts the backup asap, instead of at the next scheduled resumption
* TWEAK: Clarify the course of action needed if you attempt a Dropbox backup without Curl
* TWEAK: Add support for the new Asia Pacific (Seoul) region to Amazon S3
* TWEAK: Make the automatic backup option box appear on the updates page for users who can update plugins or themes (not just core - previously it was assumed that these would always go together in the real world, but some managed hosts are now removing the core update capability from the default admin user, whilst leaving the others)
* TWEAK: Change default zip split size to 400Mb on new installs
* TWEAK: Clean up use of composer, to conform to proper usage standards, and update to current version (to avoid causing a problem for plugins using PSR-4 autoloaders)
* TWEAK: Provide direct links to cart when choosing UpdraftPlus Vault storage
* TWEAK: Add debug.log to the default exclusions in wp-content (when people leave debug logging on and forget, it can get huge)
* TWEAK: On multisite, make sure that the site/blogs tables are placed early in the backup (assists with quickly scanning backup info)
* TWEAK: Update to phpseclib 1.0.1
* TWEAK: Prevent a PHP notice when using SCP
* TWEAK: Add new termmeta table to the default list of core tables (which is usually automatically detected)
= 1.11.21 - 28/Dec/2015 =
* TWEAK: If there's a problem connecting to UpdraftPlus Vault, in some situations the information on the cause was not easily readable
* TWEAK: Slightly more logging on failed OneDrive operations, to aid problem-solving
* TWEAK: Add wysija_email_user_stat to the list of potentially huge non-critical tables (which can get skipped in an emergency)
* FIX: Package Pear/Exception.php, so that servers without it already can use Microsoft Azure blob storage
* FIX: Prevent PHP fatal error on admin area in some restore scenarios
= 1.11.20 - 21/Dec/2015 =
* FEATURE: WordPress multisite backup administrators can now selectively restore data from a chosen site, instead of restoring the entire WordPress install - (requires WP 3.5+, UpdraftPlus Premium)
* FEATURE: Import a WordPress single-site backup into WordPress multisite, as a new site (requires WP 3.5+, UpdraftPlus Premium) -
* FIX: Properly encode folder paths with Copy.Com, allowing some previously prevented folder names to work
* FIX: In-dashboard decryption using some decryption keys with URL-encodable characters failed
* FIX: Prevent PHP fatal error on settings page on a buggy old PHP version (5.2.10) when Google Cloud storage add-on not present
* FIX: When using multiple remote storage providers, a race condition could lead to some old backups not being deleted on the storage not uploaded to last
* FIX: Views are now placed after tables in the database backup
* FIX: In-page uploader widget was not working on sub-domain based multisites in some dashboard access scenarios
* FIX: Package Net/URL2 (PEAR), so that servers without it already can use Microsoft Azure blob storage
* TWEAK: Upgrade Microsoft OneDrive API usage to latest version
* TWEAK: Automatic backups are now hooked into the themes page in the network admin on WP multisite installs
* TWEAK: Dashboard messages were not being clearly shown when trying to use UpdraftPlus Vault without PHP Curl available
* TWEAK: Protect against other plugins loading incompatible Google SDKs when Google Cloud is being used
* TWEAK: When trying to use S3, DreamObjects or UpdraftPlus Vault without PHP Curl available, make the cause of the problem more obvious
* TWEAK: When sending data to remote site, keep re-trying on receipt of an HTTP 413 (request entity too large) down to 64Kb (instead of previous 128Kb) - a webserver was seen in the wild configured at this level
* TWEAK: Detect the WordPress scheduler invoking a scheduled backup multiple times, in some cases where the existing semaphore lock wasn't helping (because the backup already finished, or the WP scheduler invoked multiple instances of the same event minutes apart - apparently possible when very heavily overloaded)
* TWEAK: Detect an inconsistent semaphore locking state, and fix it (apparently only possible upon unexpected server crash)
* TWEAK: Provide a button to cancel (not just continue) an interrupted restore
* TWEAK: Work around buggy Ubuntu PHP versions -
* TWEAK: Make sure that backup options get passed on with continuation data, when resuming an interrupted restore
* TWEAK: Catch a few untranslated strings (in the decryptor widget for encrypted backups)
* TWEAK: Log more information if a connection to UpdraftPlus Vault fails
* TWEAK: The internal info shown when triple-clicking a backup set's date had messed-up formatting
= 1.11.18 - 25/Nov/2015 =
* FEATURE: On hosts with low timeouts that kill restore operations half-way though, provide an obvious button on the dashboard to immediately resume; see:
* FEATURE: Usability improvements and ability to select file components in the 'Backup Now' dialog -
* FEATURE: Full support for Microsoft Azure blob storage (UpdraftPlus Premium)
* FEATURE: Allow all files beginning with a defined prefix to be excluded from the backup by inputting (for example) prefix:someprefix_,prefix:someotherprefix- in your exclusion settings - see:
* FEATURE: UpdraftPlus Premium can now restore backups created by "Dropbox Backup" by WPAdm
* COMPATIBILITY: Tested/supported on the forthcoming WordPress 4.4
* TWEAK: Faster zip file creation on PHP 7 with ZipArchive -
* TWEAK: Improve settings tab: remove headings, tweak a few wordings, move "remote storage" section further up
* TWEAK: Introduce UPDRAFTPLUS_SET_TIME_LIMIT internal constant
* TWEAK: Quote the table name passed to MySQL in DESCRIBE statement
* TWEAK: Prevent a PHP notice being logged during initial updates connection, and another when restoring third-party databases
* TWEAK: Style previously unstyled button in some auto-backup scenarios
* FIX: A few settings were not being deleted by the "Wipe Settings" button.
* FIX: Importer would not correctly handle third-party backups where the files and zip were both in zip format, separately, and where they were restored together
* FIX: With multi-archive backup sets, files in the top level of a backup of WP core or 'others' were not restored by an in-dashboard restore if they over-wrote an existing non-identical file if they were not in the first archive
= 1.11.17 - 13/Nov/2015 =
* FIX: Resolve a conflict with "Simple Calendar" (formerly "Google Calendar Events") since their re-written 3.0 release, when using Google Drive storage
= 1.11.15 - 28/Oct/2015 =
* FEATURE: Google Cloud Storage support (UpdraftPlus Premium)
* FIX: Automatic backups of WordPress core prior to WP core upgrade in recent versions were including non-WP core files
* FIX: OwnCloud 8.1's WebDAV server responds differently, breaking UD's communications: restore the ability to backup to OwnCloud WebDAV
* TWEAK: Allow use of the Meta key for selecting multiple backup sets (as well as Control)
* TWEAK: When sending backup data directly site-to-site (when migrating), handle the (very rare) case where a remote server complains of the chunk size after accepting previous chunks of the same size
* TWEAK: Add message to final log line when sending backup set directly to a remote site, reminding the user of what to do next.
* TWEAK: Tweak zip-splitting algorithm, to prevent delayed split on resumption when final file in the last-created zip is gigantic
* TWEAK: By default, exclude directories that appear to be the UpdraftPlus internal directory of a site stored in a sub-directory when backing up WordPress core
* TWEAK: In the debugging output, show more clearly when Curl is not installed
* TWEAK: Remove trailing slashes from what WP returns as the uploads/plugins directories, in case the user has specified a manual directory over-ride and erroneously added a trailing slash
* TWEAK: Replace all remaining http:// links to with https://
* TWEAK: Raise some of the Google Drive network timeouts
* TWEAK: Suppress an internal PHP notice when pruning backups in some circumstances
* TRANSLATIONS: Various updated translations
= 1.11.12 - 29/Sep/2015 =
* FEATURE: More sophisticated rules for retention/deletion (UpdraftPlus Premium) -
* FEATURE: Delete multiple backups at once -
* FEATURE: When choosing a monthly backup, you can now choose the starting date (e.g. choose 17th, not just choose the next week-day, e.g. next Monday)
* FEATURE: You can exclude files with any particular extension by using the constant UPDRAFTPLUS_EXCLUDE_EXTENSIONS (comma-separate different extensions), or by inputting (for example),ext:.mp4 in your exclusion settings.
* FEATURE: Tested and supported on the forthcoming PHP 7.0
* FIX: SFTP uploads could hang after finishing, if more than one attempt was needed to upload the file
* FIX: Stop causing JavaScript errors on WordPress 3.2 on the plugins page
* TWEAK: UI improvement when choosing multiple storage options -
* TWEAK: The storage selection drop-down (free version) now has icons to make it easier on the eye
* TWEAK: Use UpdraftPlus Vault logo
* TWEAK: Replace target="_new" with target="_blank" when opening new browser ports, to be more standards-compliant
* TWEAK: Tweak the auto-split algorithm again to catch another case where it would have been better to split in a low-resource situation
* TWEAK: When checking the backup integrity, allow for a multisite to not have a root options table; check sitemeta instead (unlikely, but theoretically possible)
* TWEAK: Raise default Google Drive network timeout from 15 seconds - it's too possible to hit this on a slow uplink (e.g. congested ADSL)
* TWEAK: Upgrade the bundled Google SDK to the most recent release (1.1.4)
* TWEAK: Add previously-untranslated string
* TWEAK: Suppress a PHP notice relating to a constant that needed quoting
* TWEAK: Turn off reporting of PHP deprecation conditions if using phpseclib on PHP 7 (can break communications - phpseclib uses PHP4-style constructors)
* TRANSLATIONS: Various updated translations
= 1.11.9 - 04/Sep/2015 =
* FIX: Dropbox introduced an un-documented, un-announced change to their server, which caused new site authentications in UpdraftPlus to no longer work. Now fixed with this release.
* FIX: If backing up multiple extra directories under "more files", if large directories required a resumption, then inclusion of the files multiple times in the backup was possible.
* TWEAK: Tweak the auto-split algorithm to not avoid firing in a particular case (that relies on a sequence of unlikely I/O events, seen on GoDaddy) if there's no resumption scheduled
* TWEAK: Add mysql.sql to the (changeable) default configuration for excludes from wp-content - on WP Engine this is an unreadable file that they create that thus produces a backup warning
* TWEAK: Add a dashboard warning (+ link to documentation) if UD appears to be incompletely installed
* TWEAK: Add UPDRAFTPLUS_WEBDAV_NEVER_CHUNK constant for WebDAV servers that return the wrong error code when chunking fails
* TWEAK: Introduce a UPDRAFTPLUS_REMOTESEND_DEFAULT_CHUNK_BYTES constant allowing the over-riding of the remote-send (Migrator) starting chunk size in wp-config.php (expert users)
* TWEAK: Add CSS classes to dashboard updates notices, so that people can hide them more easily if they wish
* TWEAK: If gzopen() is disabled, then test binzip without trying to use PclZip to verify the results
* TWEAK: Add work-around for PHP bug
= 1.11.6 - 22/Aug/2015 =
* FIX: SFTP was not working in 1.11.4 for some servers (related to phpseclib library update and sources of random data)
* FIX: 1.11.5 release had wrong version number in header for paying users; corrected with fresh release
= 1.11.4 - 19/Aug/2015 =
* FIX: Perform previously missing tweak on the database after restoring a multisite backup to an install with a different table prefix, which inhibited the ability to create new users on the main site in a network.
* TWEAK: Remove an inefficiency when examining files to prune from Google Drive, reducing the amount of time needed.
* TWEAK: Show a warning if UpdraftPlus's directory in wp-content/plugins has been manually renamed to include a space, which WordPress does not support
* TWEAK: Skip search/replacing of the 'guid' column in the posts table when migrating (improves performance - and prevents possible re-appearances of blog articles in peoples' feed readers if double-migrating)
* TWEAK: Upgraded the bundled phpseclib Math, Net and File libraries to current versions (1.0 branch)
* TWEAK: Prevent PHP notice in log file when deleting FTP backup from dashboard
* TRANSLATIONS: Updated translations, including Greek
= 1.11.3 - 13/Aug/2015 =
* FIX: Fix access to S3 for PHP 5.2 users using buckets in the US-WEST-1 region
* FIX: Fix access to UpdraftPlus Vault for some PHP 5.2 users
= 1.11.2 - 11/Aug/2015 =
* TWEAK: Handle the results when someone with no UpdraftPlus Vault quota attempts to connect more gracefully
= 1.11.1 - 10/Aug/2015 =
* FEATURE: UpdraftPlus Vault storage - simple to set up storage from your trusted provider: - with 1Gb of free storage for UpdraftPlus Premium customers ( ) - and more storage available for anyone to purchase. All other storage options (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) remain available, of course!
* FEATURE: S3 enhanced wizard now allows the user to optionally deny the new Amazon Web Services IAM user download and/or delete permissions, for an even more secure setup (at the cost of some convenience - you will need to download/restore/delete S3 backups outside of UpdraftPlus).
* FEATURE: Amazon S3 in UpdraftPlus Premium now supports optional server-side encryption
* FEATURE: An "UpdraftPlus" menu now appears on the WP admin bar, allowing quick access.
* COMPATIBILITY: Tested and compatible with WordPress 4.3
* SPEED: For users' whose backups are created with a zip binary (the default engine, where available), CPU usage + zip creation times have been significantly reduced
* SPEED: For users cloning a website with a large number of users and a changed table prefix, a long and slow series of SQL operations has been replaced with a single fast one
* FIX: The chunk-uploading algorithm for Copy.Com could unnecessarily upload the same chunks multiple times. We have not had any reports, but we believe it's also theoretically possible that a Copy.Com upload could have been corrupted by the same issue, so recommend updating for all Copy.Com users.
* FIX: Fix issue with site cloning whereby on sites with very large numbers of entries in the postmeta table that needed search/replacing, some could be omitted (in the case seen, the table had >600,000 entries)
* FIX: Saving the settings immediately after authenticating with Copy.Com resulted in being redirected to WP's page for all settings.
* FIX: If PHP was killed by the webserver during the process of pruning old backups, then this would not be retried until the next backup, thus potentially leaving more backups than desired around in remote storage in the meanwhile.
* FIX: Log files sometimes failed to mention the MySQL version
* TRANSLATIONS: Various updated translations - thanks to our translators
* TWEAK: When choosing multiple remote storage options (Premium), these are now stacked via tabs, instead of vertically as before
* TWEAK: More help for enormous sites on badly resourced web hosting: part of the enumeration of uploads needing backing up is now cached, allowing more to be time when time limits are short
* TWEAK: Secret credentials (e.g. S3 secret key) in the admin area are now starred (as explained in our long-standing FAQ, this does nothing to protect against malicious WordPress co-admins on your site - - but at least we won't get asked about it so many times!).
* TWEAK: Provide more direct help to the user if they are hosting with Strato and get the 'File Size Limit Exceeded' zip message
* TWEAK: When migrating data directly to a remote site, if the remote site returns a 413 HTTP code ("Request Entity Too Large"), re-try using a smaller chunk size
* TWEAK: Log when about to begin encryption of a database file (allowing the progress to be monitored more easily if there's a problem)
* TWEAK: Detect a further case of an incompatible database (that is from a remote source and uses MySQL features not present on the destination server) and warn before attempting to import.
* TWEAK: Make the error message shown if trying to restore an incompatible database (that is from a remote source and uses MySQL features not present on the destination server) clearer.
* TWEAK: If the user uses "Backup Now" before saving their settings, warn them that the unsaved settings changes won't apply to this backup
* TWEAK: Only warn about very large files found once for each file (rather than once per resumption)
* TWEAK: Add the UPDRAFTPLUS_GOOGLEDRIVE_DISABLEGZIP constant - define it as true to work-around broken HTTP setups (possibly broken outgoing proxy?) when accessing Google Drive
* TWEAK: When claiming an add-on (paid versions), the user's password will automatically be forgotten once it is no longer needed
* TWEAK: Handle the case of the user typing in an invalid number of backups to retain more elegantly
* TWEAK: No longer require the php-mcrypt module for Dropbox
* TWEAK: Also retry a smaller chunk size if it looks like mod_security unhelpfully replaced a 413 HTTP code with a 200 success message despite the operation actually failing for this reason, or if it looks like sending is just timing out before the PHP timeout (so that we don't get notified).
* TWEAK: Added new CA root certificates to store (
* TWEAK: If the Migrator's direct-send component drops its chunk size, then store this information so that it doesn't have to go through the cycle of finding the best chunk size the next time.
* TWEAK: Added UPDRAFTPLUS_IPV4_ONLY constant to prevent use of IPv6 (currently implemented by Google Drive only)
* TWEAK: Deal with a case where the web host appears to be losing disk I/O near kill time, despite later database writes going through (so, the order of operations was insufficient to guarantee what had been completed). This issue was only cosmetic - backup sets were intact (hence "tweak", not "fix")
* TWEAK: Increase HTTP timeout for remote site-to-site operations
* TWEAK: Don't cause the 'debug' tab to abort rendering if the web host has disabled the gzopen() function (which is an odd/pointless thing to do)
* TWEAK: Resolve PHP 'strict standards' coding internal notice in Google Drive module
= 1.10.3 - 2015-06-09 =
* FEATURE: Migration component can now send backup data directly from one WP site to another -
* FEATURE: Support active mode FTP servers (extremely rare)
* FIX: The error message when choosing no components to restore was empty
* FIX: Restore ability to run on WordPress 3.5 (actually fixed in downloads of 1.10.1 after 2015-05-13)
* FIX: Some automatic pre-upgrade backups were not marked internally as such, leading UD to delete the oldest scheduled backup prematurely backups prematurely
* TWEAK: Reduce HTTP round-trips when checking presence + downloading backup archives in a restore/migrate operation
* TWEAK: Alert the user earlier if they're trying to use a database with a character set not supported by MySQL
* TWEAK: Use separate internal jobs for separate downloads, and thus avoid race conditions when updating job data (symptom: download widgets that don't show current information)
* TWEAK: Add constant UPDRAFTPLUS_SFTP_TIMEOUT allowing users to over-ride (via wp-config.php) the default SFTP timeout (default now: 15 seconds).
* TWEAK: Make Copy.Com filter out non-backups from remote file listings at an earlier stage
* TWEAK: Log more information when a curl error occurs when getting a OneDrive access token
* TWEAK: Code re-arrangement in OneDrive library to deal with sites using the obsolete PHP safe_mode
* TWEAK: Clearer message for users whose access to paid plugin updates has expired (paid versions)
* TWEAK: Improve detection of started pre-upgrade automatic backups in case of webserver misbehaviour
* TWEAK: Fix untranslated message when confirming the wiping of settings
* TWEAK: Replace more non-SSL links to with SSL links
* TWEAK: Use a POST instead of a GET during one of the restore sub-stages (avoids a false positive on some mod_security setups)
* TWEAK: Improve backup-file-naming routine to reduce the times when no ASCII name can be found (ASCII is preferred as not all cloud storage methods will accept arbitrary characters in filenames)
* TWEAK: Don't keep a log file (unless debug mode is on) for scheduled tasks that result in the result that nothing needs backing up
* TWEAK: Remove cache files from Cherry Framework child themes upon migration (framework misbehaves if cache files are present after URL change)
= 1.10.1 - 2015-05-12 =
* FEATURE: Microsoft OneDrive support (Premium version) - full support (including chunked/resumable uploading and downloading)
* FEATURE: Allow prevention of backup of unwanted tables, via a filter; see:
* FIX: Restore window would not open if date contained a single quote character in it (which was possible only in some languages)
* FIX: Restore the ability of PHP installations (< 1%) without curl to use Google Drive (broke when Google introduced a new SSL certificate at their end which PHP couldn't handle properly without extra help).
* TWEAK: Add woocommerce_order_items and relevanssi_log to the list of potentially huge tables that won't need search/replacing
* TWEAK: Add link to admin email setting and fix broken link to reporting add-on in free version
* TWEAK: Provide more direct help for paid users getting blocked by the security shield when connecting for updates access
* TWEAK: Small tweak in zip-splitting algorithm if it looks likely that there are insufficient resources with no further resumptions yet scheduled
* TWEAK: "Migrate" dialogue, when the Migrator is installed, now contains a widget to use directly (instead of just directing to other route)
* TWEAK: Ask user to confirm if they navigate away from the settings page with unsaved changes
* TWEAK: Replace some non-SSL links to with SSL links, and replace all non-SSL readme links
* TWEAK: Add UPDRAFTPLUS_DBSCAN_TIMEOUT constant to control how much time is allowed for scanning database, and make the default vary instead of constant (will help users with absolutely enormous databases).
* TWEAK: Provide clearer guidance to users with a wrong password entered for updates
* TWEAK: When cloning a site with Jetpack, automatically clear Jetpack invalid connection status
* TWEAK: Prevent some old admin notices from being repeated when saving settings
= 1.9.64 - 2015-04-20 =
* FEATURE: (Premium) Added wizard to make it easier to create limited-access AWS users (requires PHP 5.3.3)
* SECURITY: Fix non-persistent back-end XSS vulnerability, reported by Sucuri -
* FIX: Fix failure to access some files (e.g. for downloading or deleting) in Google Drive folders that contained >100 UpdraftPlus backup archives (thanks to IanUK for his help)
* TWEAK: Amazon S3 reduced redundancy storage (a feature of UpdraftPlus Premium) now requires use of PHP 5.3.3 or later.
* TWEAK: Various fixes to bring automatic backups code up to date with WP 4.2 release candidate 1 (there were some changes since beta 3, which worked since UD 1.9.62)
* TWEAK: Update to version 2.0 of plugin updater class ( - necessary on WP 4.2 to prevent shiny updates after the first failing when 3rd party plugins exist, and to suppress a PHP notice on the plugins page.
* TWEAK: Add wp_rp_tags to the list of potentially huge tables that won't need search/replacing
* TRANSLATION: New Slovenian translation, courtesy of Clav Icula
= 1.9.63 - 2015-04-03 =
* TWEAK: Revert to previous global SSL CA bundle: it seems Amazon S3 still has servers with 1024-bit SSL certificates
= 1.9.62 - 2015-04-01 =
* FEATURE: Automatic backups now integrate with the forthcoming WP 4.2's "shiny plugin updates"