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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
# This file is distributed under the same license as the Plugins - Admin Columns - Stable (latest release) package.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-08-05 10:45:08+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2022-01-17 08:26:57+0000\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
......@@ -11,6 +11,306 @@ msgstr ""
"Language: nl\n"
"Project-Id-Version: Plugins - Admin Columns - Stable (latest release)\n"
#: classes/Integration/JetEngine.php:19
msgid "Display, inline- and bulk-edit, export, smart filter and sort your JetEngine contents on any admin list table."
msgstr "Toon, inline- en bulk-edit, export, slim filteren en sorteren van je JetEngine inhoud op elke beheer lijst tabel."
#: classes/Integration/JetEngine.php:18
msgid "Integrates JetEngine with Admin Columns."
msgstr "Integreert JetEngine met beheer kolommen."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-restore.php:4
msgid "Restore settings"
msgstr "Instellingen herstellen"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:159
msgid "Upgrade to Admin Columns Pro"
msgstr "Upgrade naar Admin Columns Pro"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:153
msgid "View all Pro features"
msgstr "Bekijk alle Pro functies"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:147
msgid "Insert a post, user or anything really directly from the overview."
msgstr "Voeg een bericht, gebruiker of iets anders echt rechtstreeks vanuit het overzicht in."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:140
msgid "Get access to all our integrations for popular WordPress plugins"
msgstr "Krijg toegang tot al onze integraties voor populaire WordPress plugins"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:139
msgid "All integration add-ons"
msgstr "Alle integratie add-ons"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:133
msgid "Manage columns for your Taxonomy overview pages"
msgstr "Kolommen beheren voor je Taxonomie overzichtspagina's"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:132
msgid "Taxonomy Support"
msgstr "Taxonomie ondersteuning"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:126
msgid "Create a better user experience when visiting the list table by setting preferences and hiding the functionality you do not need."
msgstr "Creëer een betere gebruikerservaring bij het bezoeken van de lijsttabel door voorkeuren in te stellen en de functionaliteit te verbergen die je niet nodig hebt."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:125
msgid "Customize List Table"
msgstr "Lijsttabel aanpassen"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:118
msgid "And of course, all network sites can use Admin Columns."
msgstr "En natuurlijk kunnen alle netwerksites beheer-kolommen gebruiken."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:117
msgid "Get insights about your entire network of sites."
msgstr "Krijg inzicht in het hele netwerk van sites."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:114
msgid "Multisite Support"
msgstr "Multisite ondersteuning"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:107
msgid "Admin Columns can generate a fully customized and downloadable CSV."
msgstr "Admin Columns kan een volledig aangepaste en downloadbare CSV genereren."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:106
msgid "Want to import content in Excel, Mailchimp or anything else?"
msgstr "Wil je inhoud importeren in Excel, Mailchimp of iets anders?"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:103
msgid "Export Table to CSV"
msgstr "Exporteer tabel naar CSV"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:96
msgid "Simply scroll through your columns horizontally so your overview can be complete and functional."
msgstr "Scroll gewoon horizontaal door je kolommen zodat je overzicht compleet en functioneel kan zijn."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:95
msgid "Need more columns than the size of your screen?"
msgstr "Meer kolommen nodig dan de grootte van het scherm?"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:85
msgid "With Bulk Edit you can update thousands of values at once."
msgstr "Met bulk edit kun je duizenden waarden tegelijk updaten."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:84
msgid "Need to update multiple values at once?"
msgstr "Wil je meerdere waarden tegelijk updaten?"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:73
msgid "No need to open your post, page, order, user or anything else."
msgstr "Het is niet nodig om je bericht, pagina, bestelling, gebruiker of iets anders te openen."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:63
msgid "Craft overviews in minutes that display precisely what you want to see."
msgstr "Maak in enkele minuten overzichten die precies weergeven wat je wilt zien."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:62
msgid "Choose from a well designed set of columns or create your own."
msgstr "Kies uit een goed ontworpen set kolommen of maak je eigen."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:59
msgid "Unlimited Columns"
msgstr "Onbeperkt aantal kolommen"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:52
msgid "Switching between sets is easy and can be done from any list table."
msgstr "Schakelen tussen sets is eenvoudig en kan worden gedaan vanuit elke lijsttabel."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:51
msgid "Create multiple columns presets."
msgstr "Maak voorinstellingen voor meerdere kolommen."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:50
msgid "Need certain columns for certain tasks?"
msgstr "Hebt je bepaalde kolommen nodig voor bepaalde taken?"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:47
msgid "Multiple Table Views"
msgstr "Meerdere tabelweergaven"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:41
msgid "Keep your column names on top of the screen when scrolling down the page"
msgstr "Houd je kolomnamen bovenaan het scherm wanneer je naar beneden scrolt op de pagina"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:40
msgid "Sticky Headers"
msgstr "Sticky headers"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:33
msgid "Filters help you to get valuable insights about orders, users, posts, anything really."
msgstr "Filters helpen je om waardevolle inzichten te krijgen over bestellingen, gebruikers, berichten, eigenlijk alles."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:32
msgid "Only show the content that matches the rules you set."
msgstr "Toon alleen de inhoud die overeenkomt met de regels die je hebt ingesteld."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:22
msgid "Sort on numbers, names, prices or anything else."
msgstr "Sorteer op nummers, namen, prijzen of iets anders."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:21
msgid "Any column can be turned into an ordered list."
msgstr "Elke kolom kan worden omgezet in een geordende lijst."
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:18
msgid "Sortable Columns"
msgstr "Sorteerbare kolommen"
#: templates/admin/page/component/addon/network-activate-disabled.php:2
#: templates/admin/page/component/addon/network-install.php:2
msgid "Network Enable"
msgstr "Netwerk inschakelen"
#: templates/admin/page/component/addon/missing-license.php:3
msgid "Activate license"
msgstr "Licentie activeren"
#: templates/admin/page/component/addon/activate-disabled.php:2
#: templates/admin/page/component/addon/install.php:2
msgid "Enable"
msgstr "Inschakelen"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:123
msgid "No public saved filters available."
msgstr "Er zijn geen openbare opgeslagen filters beschikbaar."
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:119
msgid "Pre-applied Filters"
msgstr "Vooraf toegepaste filters"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:87
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:92
msgid "Horizontal Scrolling"
msgstr "Horizontaal scrollen"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:81
msgid "Set default settings that users will see when they visit the list table."
msgstr "Stel standaardinstellingen in die gebruikers zullen zien wanneer ze de lijsttabel bezoeken."
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:80
msgid "Preferences"
msgstr "Voorkeuren"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:65
msgid "Bulk Actions"
msgstr "Bulkacties"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:64
msgid "Search"
msgstr "Zoeken"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:63
msgid "Status (Quick Links)"
msgstr "Status (snelkoppelingen)"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:62
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:146
msgid "Quick Add"
msgstr "Snel toevoegen"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:59
msgid "Filters"
msgstr "Filters"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:57
msgid "Inline Edit"
msgstr "Inline bewerken"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:49
msgid "Select items to hide from the list table screen."
msgstr "Selecteer items die je wilt verbergen in het lijsttabelscherm."
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:48
msgid "Hide on screen"
msgstr "Verbergen op scherm"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:30
msgid "Make this column set available only for specific users or roles."
msgstr "Maak deze kolommenset alleen beschikbaar voor specifieke gebruikers of rollen."
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:29
msgid "Conditionals"
msgstr "Voorwaarden"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:21
msgid "Unlock with Admin Columns Pro"
msgstr "Ontgrendelen met Admin Columns Pro"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:14
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:37
msgid "optional"
msgstr "optioneel"
#: templates/admin/edit-addon.php:17
msgid "More details"
msgstr "Meer details"
#: classes/Integration/YoastSeo.php:19
msgid "Display, inline- and bulk-edit, export, smart filter and sort your Yoast SEO contents on any admin list table."
msgstr "Toon, inline- en bulk edit, export, slim filteren en sorteren van je Yoast SEO inhoud op elke beheer lijst tabel."
#: classes/Integration/YoastSeo.php:18 classes/Integration/YoastSeo.php:19
msgid "Yoast SEO"
msgstr "Yoast SEO"
#: classes/Integration/WooCommerce.php:21
msgid "Display, inline- and bulk-edit, smart filter and sort your Products, Variations, Orders and Customers"
msgstr "Display, inline- en bulk-edit, slim filteren en sorteren van producten, variaties, bestellingen en klanten"
#: classes/Integration/NinjaForms.php:21
msgid "Display, inline- and bulk-edit, export, smart filter and sort your %s Submissions."
msgstr "Toon, inline- en bulk edit, exporteren, slim filteren en sorteren van je %s inzendingen."
#: classes/Integration/MetaBox.php:19 classes/Integration/Pods.php:19
#: classes/Integration/Types.php:19
msgid "Display, inline- and bulk-edit, export, smart filter and sort your %s contents on any admin list table."
msgstr "Toon, inline- en bulk edit, exporteren, slim filteren en sorteren van je %s inhoud op elke beheer lijsttabel."
#: classes/Integration/GravityForms.php:21
msgid "Display, inline- and bulk-edit, export, smart filter and sort your %s Entries."
msgstr "Toon, inline- en bulk edit, exporteren, slim filteren en sorteren van je %s vermeldingen."
#: classes/Integration/GravityForms.php:20
#: classes/Integration/GravityForms.php:21
msgid "Gravity Forms"
msgstr "Gravity Forms"
#: classes/Integration/EventsCalendar.php:21
msgid "Display, inline- and bulk-edit, export, smart filter and sort your Events, Organizers and Venues."
msgstr "Toon, inline- en bulk edit, exporteren, slim filteren en sorteren van evenementen, organisatoren en locaties."
#: classes/Integration/BuddyPress.php:20
msgid "Display, inline- and bulk-edit, export, smart filter and sort your BuddyPress data fields on the Users page."
msgstr "Toon, inline- en bulk edit, exporteren, slim filteren en sorteren van je BuddyPress gegevensvelden op de gebruikerspagina."
#: classes/Integration/BuddyPress.php:19
#: classes/Integration/EventsCalendar.php:20
#: classes/Integration/GravityForms.php:20 classes/Integration/MetaBox.php:18
#: classes/Integration/NinjaForms.php:20 classes/Integration/Pods.php:18
#: classes/Integration/Types.php:18 classes/Integration/WooCommerce.php:20
#: classes/Integration/YoastSeo.php:18
msgid "Integrates %s with Admin Columns."
msgstr "Integreert %s met beheerderskolommen."
#: classes/Integration/ACF.php:19
msgid "Display, inline- and bulk-edit, export, smart filter and sort your ACF contents on any admin list table."
msgstr "Toon, inline en bulk-bewerk, export, slim filter en sorteer je ACF-inhoud op elke beheer lijsttabel."
#: classes/Integration/ACF.php:18
msgid "Integrates ACF with Admin Columns."
msgstr "Integreert ACF met beheerderskolommen."
#: classes/Admin/Section/ProCta.php:19
msgid "Upgrade to Admin Columns Pro and unlock all the awesome features."
msgstr "Upgrade naar Admin Columns Pro en ontgrendel alle geweldige functies."
#: classes/Admin/Asset/Addons.php:18
msgid "The Add-on %s is activated."
msgstr "De Add-on %s is geactiveerd."
#: classes/Column/Media/Album.php:14
msgid "Album"
msgstr "Album"
......@@ -19,11 +319,7 @@ msgstr "Album"
msgid "Artist"
msgstr "Artiest"
#: classes/Admin/AddonStatus.php:68
msgid "Network Activate"
msgstr "Netwerk activeren"
#: classes/Admin/AddonStatus.php:47
#: templates/admin/page/component/addon/network-active-label.php:3
msgid "Network Active"
msgstr "Netwerk actief"
......@@ -35,10 +331,6 @@ msgstr "Laatste bericht"
msgid "First Post"
msgstr "Eerste bericht"
#: classes/Integration/GravityForms.php:18
msgid "Take your form submission management to the next level!"
msgstr "Breng je formulier inzendingen beheer naar het volgend niveau!"
#: classes/Settings/Column/PostStatus.php:33
msgid "Post Status"
msgstr "Berichtstatus"
......@@ -119,17 +411,13 @@ msgstr "Sleutel"
msgid "Export table contents to CSV"
msgstr "Exporteer tabelinhouden naar CSV"
#: templates/tooltip/bulk-editing.php:25
#: templates/tooltip/bulk-editing.php:25 templates/tooltip/custom-field.php:15
#: templates/tooltip/export-disabled.php:17 templates/tooltip/export.php:25
#: templates/tooltip/inline-editing.php:25
#: templates/tooltip/smart-filtering.php:28 templates/tooltip/sorting.php:29
msgid "Learn more »"
msgstr "Lees meer »"
#: classes/Integration/YoastSeo.php:16
msgid "Enrich the Yoast SEO columns with amazing pro features!"
msgstr "Verrijk de Yoast SEO-kolommen met geweldige professionele functies!"
#: classes/Column/User/Login.php:24
msgid "Super Admin"
msgstr "Super beheerder"
......@@ -166,6 +454,7 @@ msgstr "Helaas kan niet elke kolom worden geëxporteerd."
msgid "Export Unavailable"
msgstr "Exporteren niet beschikbaar"
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:58
#: templates/tooltip/bulk-editing.php:19
msgid "Bulk Edit"
msgstr "Bulkbewerking"
......@@ -206,6 +495,8 @@ msgstr "De gesorteerde kolom wordt opgeslagen als je persoonlijke voorkeur."
msgid "Sort by clicking the column header on the list table. Click the column header again to switch between <em>ascending</em> and <em>descending</em>."
msgstr "Sorteer door op de kolomkop in de lijsttabel te klikken. Klik nogmaals op de kolomkop om te schakelen tussen <em> oplopend </em> en <em> aflopend </em>."
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:60
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:29
#: templates/tooltip/filtering.php:13
msgid "Smart Filters"
msgstr "Slimme filters"
......@@ -281,6 +572,7 @@ msgstr "Het is mogelijk om alle wijzigingen die zijn aangebracht met Inline Edit
msgid "Click on the pencil icon to start editing the value of a field."
msgstr "Klik op het potloodpictogram om de waarde van een veld te bewerken."
#: templates/tooltip/custom-field.php:10
#: templates/tooltip/inline-editing.php:13
msgid "To start inline editing, toggle the “Inline Edit” button on top of the list table."
msgstr "Om te beginnen met inline bewerken, schakel je de knop \"Inline bewerken\" bovenaan de lijsttabel."
......@@ -301,11 +593,8 @@ msgstr "Bewerk snel alle inhoud met Inline Editing, inclusief aangepaste velden.
msgid "Search the contents of your columns."
msgstr "Doorzoek de inhoud van je kolommen."
#: classes/Integration/MetaBox.php:16
msgid "Instantly generate columns for your Meta Box custom fields!"
msgstr "Genereer direct kolommen voor je Meta Box-aangepaste velden!"
#: classes/Integration/MetaBox.php:14
#: classes/Integration/MetaBox.php:14 classes/Integration/MetaBox.php:18
#: classes/Integration/MetaBox.php:19
msgid "Meta Box"
msgstr "Meta Box"
......@@ -313,7 +602,7 @@ msgstr "Meta Box"
msgid "Column Type"
msgstr "Kolomtype"
#: classes/Admin/Main/Help.php:154
#: classes/Admin/Page/Help.php:165
msgid "No deprecated hooks or filters found."
msgstr "Geen verouderde hooks of filters gevonden."
......@@ -324,11 +613,13 @@ msgid "Smart Filtering"
msgstr "Slim filteren"
#: classes/Settings/Column/Pro/BulkEditing.php:11
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:81
#: templates/tooltip/bulk-editing.php:7
msgid "Bulk Editing"
msgstr "Bulkbewerking"
#: classes/Settings/Column/Pro/InlineEditing.php:11
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:70
#: templates/tooltip/inline-editing.php:7
msgid "Inline Editing"
msgstr "Inline bewerken"
......@@ -393,9 +684,9 @@ msgstr "Term bewerken"
msgid "Filter by Term"
msgstr "Filteren op term"
#: classes/Promo/BlackFriday.php:13
msgid "30% Off from Black Friday until Cyber Monday"
msgstr "30% korting van Black Friday tot Cyber ​​Monday"
#: classes/Promo/BlackFriday.php:19
msgid "%s Off from Black Friday to Cyber Monday"
msgstr "%s korting van Black Friday tot Cyber ​​Monday"
#: classes/Check/Promotion.php:73
msgid "Get %s now"
......@@ -417,14 +708,6 @@ msgstr "De kolom kan niet worden geladen vanwege een onbekende fout"
msgid "There was an error during saving the column settings."
msgstr "Er is een fout opgetreden bij het opslaan van de kolominstellingen."
#: classes/Integration/ACF.php:16
msgid "Display and edit ACF fields in the posts overview in seconds!"
msgstr "Toon en bewerk ACF-velden in het berichtenoverzicht in seconden!"
#: classes/Integration/Pods.php:16
msgid "Display and edit Pods fields in the posts overview in seconds!"
msgstr "Toon en bewerk Pods-velden in het berichtenoverzicht in seconden!"
#: templates/admin/side-banner.php:60
msgid "Includes special integrations for:"
msgstr "Bevat speciale integraties voor:"
......@@ -462,14 +745,15 @@ msgid "Local Path"
msgstr "Lokaal pad"
#: classes/Integration/EventsCalendar.php:16
#: classes/Integration/EventsCalendar.php:20
msgid "Events Calendar"
msgstr "Events Calendar"
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:90
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:91
msgid "Uses one or more %s IDs to display information about it."
msgstr "Gebruikt een of meer %s ID's om er informatie over weer te geven."
#: classes/Check/Review.php:181
#: classes/Check/Review.php:193
msgid "You can also use your account to access support through %s!"
msgstr "Je kan ook je gebruiken om toegang te krijgen tot ondersteuning via %s!"
......@@ -481,7 +765,7 @@ msgstr "Waarde: moet een of meer gebruikers-ID's bevatten, gescheiden door komma
msgid "Value: Should contain a URL."
msgstr "Waarde: moet een URL bevatten."
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:124
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:125
#: templates/admin/help-tab/custom-fields.php:54
msgid "URL"
msgstr "URL"
......@@ -502,15 +786,8 @@ msgstr "Waarde: moet een of meer afbeeldings-URL's of bijlage-ID's bevatten, ges
msgid "Value: This will show if the field has content or not."
msgstr "Waarde: dit wordt weergegeven als het veld inhoud heeft of niet."
#: classes/Integration/NinjaForms.php:18
msgid "Add Ninja Forms columns that can be sorted, filtered and directly edited!"
msgstr "Voeg Ninja Forms-kolommen toe die kunnen worden gesorteerd, gefilterd en direct bewerkt!"
#: classes/Integration/EventsCalendar.php:18
msgid "Manage columns for your event, organizer or venue overviews."
msgstr "Beheer kolommen voor je evenement, organisator of locatieoverzichten."
#: classes/Settings/Column/Pro/Sorting.php:11
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:101
#: templates/settings/setting-label-icons.php:43
#: templates/tooltip/sorting.php:7
msgid "Sorting"
......@@ -520,10 +797,16 @@ msgstr "Sorteren"
msgid "Filtering"
msgstr "Filteren"
#: classes/Settings/Column/Pro/Export.php:11 templates/tooltip/export.php:7
#: classes/Settings/Column/Pro/Export.php:11
#: templates/admin/list-screen-settings-mockup.php:61
#: templates/tooltip/export.php:7
msgid "Export"
msgstr "Export"
#: templates/admin/page/settings-section-pro-cta.php:74
msgid "Edit your content directly from the overview."
msgstr "Wijzig je content direct vanaf het overzicht."
#: templates/admin/modal-pro.php:33
msgid "Only %s for 1 site"
msgstr "Vanaf %s for 1 site"
......@@ -669,11 +952,11 @@ msgstr "Aantal"
msgid "Thumbnails"
msgstr "Thumbnails"
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:144
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:145
msgid "Missed schedule"
msgstr "Inplannen gemist"
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:140
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:141
msgid "Scheduled"
msgstr "Ingepland"
......@@ -689,7 +972,7 @@ msgstr "Reacties toestaan"
msgid "More Tag"
msgstr "More Tag"
#: classes/Column/Menu.php:17
#: classes/Column/Menu.php:18
msgid "Menu"
msgstr "Menu"
......@@ -713,7 +996,8 @@ msgstr "Origineel"
msgid "Alternative Text"
msgstr "Alternatieve tekst"
#: classes/Integration/NinjaForms.php:16
#: classes/Integration/NinjaForms.php:16 classes/Integration/NinjaForms.php:20
#: classes/Integration/NinjaForms.php:21
msgid "Ninja Forms"
msgstr "Ninja Forms"
......@@ -721,19 +1005,19 @@ msgstr "Ninja Forms"
msgid "Password protected"
msgstr "Wachtwoord beschermd"
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:137
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:138
msgid "Pending for review"
msgstr "Wachtend op beoordeling"
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:134
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:135
msgid "Draft"
msgstr "Concept"
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:131
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:132
msgid "Published"
msgstr "Gepubliceerd"
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:128
#: classes/Helper/Post.php:129
msgid "Private"
msgstr "Privé"
......@@ -770,11 +1054,7 @@ msgstr "Stuur mij de korting"
msgid "Prices starting from %s"
msgstr "Prijzen vanaf %s"
#: classes/Integration/BuddyPress.php:17
msgid "Display any of your Profile Fields for BuddyPress on your users overview."
msgstr "Toon een veld van je BuddyPress-profiel in je gebruikersoverzicht."
#: classes/Integration/BuddyPress.php:15
#: classes/Integration/BuddyPress.php:15 classes/Integration/BuddyPress.php:19
msgid "BuddyPress"
msgstr "BuddyPress"
......@@ -811,8 +1091,9 @@ msgstr "Woordlimiet"
msgid "Auto"
msgstr "Auto"
#: classes/Admin/Page.php:69 classes/Settings/Column/AttachmentDisplay.php:42
#: classes/Settings/Column/Comment.php:115 classes/Settings/Column/Post.php:90
#: classes/Admin/AdminLoader.php:107
#: classes/Settings/Column/AttachmentDisplay.php:42
#: classes/Settings/Column/Comment.php:113 classes/Settings/Column/Post.php:90
#: classes/Settings/Column/Term.php:36 classes/Settings/Column/User.php:54
msgid "Display"
msgstr "Tonen"
......@@ -918,46 +1199,46 @@ msgstr "Het verschil wordt teruggegeven in een menselijk leesbaar format."
msgid "Time Difference"
msgstr "Tijdsverschil"
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:172
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:173
msgid "Multiple"
msgstr "Meerdere"
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:171
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:172
msgid "Choice"
msgstr "Keuze"
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:170
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:171
msgid "Relational"
msgstr "Relationeel"
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:169
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:170
msgid "Basic"
msgstr "Basis"
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:137
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:138
msgid "Number of Fields"
msgstr "Aantal velden"
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:129
#: classes/Settings/Column/CustomFieldType.php:130
#: templates/admin/help-tab/custom-fields.php:50